Zhipeng Meng

is focusing on the mechanisms of LATS1/2 activation.



2002-2006 B.S. School of Life Sciences, University of Science & Technology of China. Hefei, Anhui, China
2006-2012 Assistant Research Specialist
Ph.D. .City of Hope Graduate School of Biological Sciences. Duarte, California
2013-present Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Pharmacology, UC San Diego, San Diego, California, (Mentor: Kun-Liang Guan)


Selected Publications

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MAP4K family kinases act in parallel to MST1/2 to activate LATS1/2 in the Hippo pathway
Zhipeng Meng, Toshiro Moroishi, Violaine Mottier-Pavie, Steven W. Plouffe, Carsten G. Hansen, Audrey W. Hong, Hyun Woo Park, Jung-Soon Mo, Wenqi Lu, Shicong Lu, Fabian Flores, Fa-Xing Yu, Georg Halder & Kun-Liang Guan
Nature Communications 6 (8357).
miR-194 is a marker of hepatic epithelial cells and suppresses metastasis of liver cancer cells in mice
Z Meng, X Fu, X Chen, S Zeng, Y Tian, R Jove, R Xu, W Huang
Hepatology 52 (6), 2148-2157.

FXR regulates liver repair after CCl4-induced toxic injury
Z Meng, Y Wang, L Wang, W Jin, N Liu, H Pan, L Liu, L Wagman, …
Molecular Endocrinology 24 (5), 886-897

Cellular energy stress induces AMPK-mediated regulation of YAP and the Hippo pathway
JS Mo, Z Meng, YC Kim, HW Park, CG Hansen, S Kim, DS Lim, KL Guan
Nature cell biology